2009.09.23 Amersfoort, The Netherlands

Tonight I brought this brand new piece of wild art to Mieke. Together with her sister Ada she will fly to the U.S.A. in due time. Mieke won a contest where visitors of my website and the art market held in Amersfoort where dared to provide the best idea of planting "Girl on the Rocks" on a great spot, somewhere on this planet.

Mieke and Ada have great plans,! I am very curious what happens next !

2009.10.06 Amersfoort, The Netherlands

Ada and Mieke sent me an e-mail message, telling they are ready for take off ! Apparently they're off to Las Vegas. Will 'Girl on the rocks' be their way out of Vegas after loosing all their money in a casino? Will the painting be a wedding gift? Or will some illusionist make it disappear? All sorts of theories cross my mind. But untill they contact me, I will have to be patient and stop wondering which adventure just started...

Ada at the slot machines in the Gold Coast Casino
All the 'girls' enjoying breakfast in the hotel
The Graceland Chapel, where even Jon Bon Jovi got married!
2009.10.25 Amersfoort, The Netherlands

Much to my surprise, the Van den Dries sisters already returned from their trip. But not without reporting about their adventures! Here's what they wrote!

Dear Anja,
We got back from our trip to Las Vegas yesterday Saturday October 24th. 

Girl on the rock travelled very well and had a good time in Las Vegas.

On Saturday October 17, 2009 we went to the most famous Wedding Chapel of Las Vegas where the happy couple Noelle en Joshua from Chicago were very surprised with such an unique wedding present. 

Well, we do hope that Girl on the rocks will enjoy her stay at Chicago and that you will soon hear from her. 
Ada & Mieke van den Dries

Mieke, Noelle and Joshua at the wedding chapel.







































Do you know anything about the where abouts of this painting, please send an e-mail to : info@anjavandepoll.nl