2011.04.19 Amersfoort

I am packed in some suitcase, ready to fly to the beautiful island of Mallorca.
Made in Amersfoort (NL) from where I will start my trip around the world.
Where will I land? What adventures will I encounter?
Who will be my temporary host or hostess?
What pictures will be made of me?
Will I be protected from vandalism?
I am Laetitia and hope you will meet me!

I am Laetitia, a project: a piece of WILD ART !

What is Wild Art? Well, Wild Art is fun and adventure.
The formula is very simple: ENCOUNTER this painting, GIVE it a temporary shelter,
MAKE pictures, SEND an e-mail to info@anjavandepoll.nl with information about
where you found it and what you did with it.
PLACE the painting in a public space or SEND
it to a friend. SAY GOODBYE and see what happens...

  2011.04.19 www

By e-mail I announced my trip to Mallorca to www.mallorcavandaag.com to have a look at what news they will bring on Sheep Laetitia.

2011.04.24 Mallorca

Due to bad whether conditions I did not manage to find a suitable spot to await your arrival. As I decided the touristic train between Soller and Palma would be a great place a group of Spanish childeren entered the compartment. Just in time I managed to jump into my bag. William and Kate's wedding day was spent at the central railwaystation at Palma. No tourists were to be found anywhere near and since I had decided to be found by foreigners, I left, looking for a better spot. It was more than a week later that I found that perfect place: the Arab baths in the medival center of Palma de Mallorca.

I said goodbye to my temporary owner, not knowing what would be my next shelter place. Where will the next message come from? Japan? Germany? the UK? the Netherlands? China?


On May 12th 2011 German island news paper 'Mallorca Magazin' publishes the story "Schaf auf Reisen".

On May 3rd 2011 the website mallorcavandaag.com publishes the where abouts of Sheep Laetitia.

  2011.05.15 Bremen

Axel Rehfeld from Bremen publishes the project at xing.com

What a coincidence Agnes was wearing a t-shirt with sheep-print at the moment she met Laetitia.
2011.05.17 | afternoon | Hungary

SHEEP MEETS SHEEP ! (take a look at her t-shirt)

From Hungary Agnes Füvesi send an e-mail :

Hi There,

We found Laetitia, the Sheep at Palma de Mallorca, Arabian Bath, and move to Palma, La Reserva Puig de Galatzo (Galatzo National Park). Brought her back to the nature:-)
Tamas&Agnes from Hungary

That means Laetitia is stil on the beautiful island of Mallorca. Have a look at the exact spot Agnes left Laetitia.

2011.05.17 | evening | Palma / La Reserva

From Spain a mysterious e-mail message was sent:

IMAGEN fotografia


The first picture shows us that Laetitia was still in La Reserva, but what about the 2nd picture? Where was it taken? Some goose obviously showed interest in the painting, but the sender of the e-mail did not reveal any information about the current situation of  Laetitia.

2011.05.20 | evening | mailbox anjavandepoll.nl

From Mallorca, the director of the national park La Reserva sent me an e-mail message:

Hello Anja,

it is a really original project. Very interesting and amusing.
I have spoken with the girl at the main entrance of La Reserva, and she confirmed to me that this picture was there, and after that we placed it at the souvenir shop, so that somebody could take it further, and it could continue its trip around the world.
I am waiting for further information. As soon as I know who has taken the picture, I shall gladly let you know.
Best regards.
Nikolay Ivanov
director comercial
La Reserva del Galatzo